Traupis St. Ann’s Church

Like in the entire country, in Traupis, a wooden church of folk forms stood for several hundred years. In 1887, the folks at Traupis obtained a permit to build a new church, which to the project of the unknown author was completed in five years. As it is characteristic of late Historicism, the Church of St. Anne of Traupis contains features of several architectural styles. First of all, one can see here a Classic rectangular, typical of the period, then double-pitched volume, executed with bossage-plated ledges and the rhythm of rounded windows and pilasters. The plan of the church is supplemented with the rounded apse and protruded single tower – such a plan of churches was characteristic of Renaissance architecture of this country.

The tower rises above the wider narthex, which is less protruded, while in the stylistic point of view, its execution is more characteristic of Renaissance or Baroque churches. Even more of eclectics can be seen inside – three naves of the church are covered with cross vaults, decorated colourfully, with the floral decor integrated.  Three simultaneously built altars here demonstrate pure Neo-Baroque forms – particularly sumptuous is the High Altar, integrated under the half-domed vault. Even division of the side windows brings architectural diversity here – manifestation of Neo-Romanesque features can be seen in it, while the confessionals are decorated with Neo-Gothic ornaments.