The Building Complex of Skirsnemunė Church of St. George

Although the first project of the present Skirsnemunė church was drawn up by Ustinas Golinevičius in 1892, yet, the church had been completed under a different one by N. Andrejevas in 1903. Neo-Gothic forms were characteristic of churches of this architect, still they frequently used to be supplemented with other style elements as well. The church of Skirsnemunė was not an exception: Gothic character can be seen strongly expressed in the exterior. The main facade of the church is divided into two parts horizontally, above which, two octagonal towers rise, which are separated from the main part by a wide decorative band joined at the middle by the pediment. Small pinnacles separate the pediment on both sides; similar ones surround the towers on four sides. Slender buttresses go upwards to the second tier of the facade, where they merge with the pilasters extending their verticals. The side facades are divided by the rhythm of high Gothic style windows and narrow buttresses. Profiled niches of the windows and doors in all facades are highlighted with white plaster. The transept of the church, having a Latin cross plan, reiterates the tapering three-walled apse with a niche arranged in each wall. Above the rear pediment of the church, three small towers rise. Although the interior features many Neo-Gothic attributes, the quite eclectic decor dominates. Attention should be paid to the particularly decorative Gothic altars, pulpits and two of numerous confessionals of the church. The churchyard is surrounded by a fence having a quite utilitarian appearance, still the main gate matches church’s architecture and stands out. The gate consists of three parts, different in height only: these are pointed-arch passages, the middle one of which is the highest. The gate is decorated with four small towers.