Blessed Jesus’ Heart Church in the village of Gadūnavas

Gadūnavas church was completed in 1901 and got into the collection of brick Neo-Gothic style churches, which at that time were increasingly popular in Lithuania. Although a small number only of single-tower churches of this period exists in this country, the researchers single out this one as slightly unusual in both its plan and type of the tower; the use of two-colour bricks also is rare in the architecture of churches. The multi-tier tower of intricate composition consists of several parts of different configuration, the rectangular volume here evenly evolves into the octagonal volume on the top. Although this solution in Lithuania is not only one, still this church distinguishes itself by the upper tier, which is narrower and differs in form from the part holding it. One can observe here supposed imitation of a castle tower – this solution is slightly reminiscent of romanticism architecture features.

The forms of the great portal reiterate themselves in the side, smaller, ones, which on the top end with small pinnacles. Those used in the pediments, the tower and on the top of buttresses are similar. Actually, there is no transept in the church: the rectangular plan in the places of not existing transept is supplemented with small avant-corpses, which protrude from the side facades and end with modest pediments on the top. Three naves of the church are separated by octagonal pillars, propping the rib-carved cross vaults. Almost all pieces of the church’s equipment are adapted to the architectural whole: Neo-Gothic altars, the pulpit, confessionals and even small details. The main gate also is adapted to the architecture and graceful forms of the church.