Church of the Assumption of The Holy Virgin Mary in Darsūniškis

The adornment of the settlement – the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – stands in the village of Darsūniškis located at some distance from the main motorways, surrounded by forests and stretching along the Nemunas River. It took five years to build the church– from 1848 to 1853. World War II was the darkest period in its history, which did great harm to the church. Even during the early difficult post-war period and the era of the soviet occupation the church was rebuilt and in 1950 the building was consecrated.

The sanctuary is an example of a rectangular classicist church without a portico. The façade of the Church is vertically divided into three parts by pilasters ending in an entablature band above. The middle part is an imitation of the portico typical of classicism; it ends in the triangular pediment. The attic wall rising above the pediment that ends in another pediment that is more characteristic of baroque is an especially interesting and rare solution in Lithuanian sanctuaries. Side facades are classicistically laconic expressed through the rhythm of the arch windows with profiled bandages, corner pilasters and scantily profiled cornices. The forechurch part is noted for additional pilasters. The building ends in a small rounded apse projecting from its rectangular volume. The space inside the Church is divided by two rows of three quadrangular piers.


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